Vox’s “The Mind, Explained” on Netflix
I got to work on three episodes of Vox’s “The Mind” on Netflix mini-series.
The miniseries was nominated for an Emmy for OUTSTANDING GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION.
Design and animation: Yuval Haker
AD: Rubab Shakir.
Producer: Adam Cole

Episode 1: Memory
Grainy black and white texture was chosen to represent the haziness of memories.

Episode 2: Anxiety
We used pinball imagery to convey adrenaline being shot throughout the body.
The organs stylized as well-oiled cog-run machines.

Episode 5: Psychedelics
The weirdest of the episodes, this one has an inverted color palette and was a delight to work on.

Bonus content: how this image went from tiny sketch to a musician from LA messaging me to tell me he saw the thumbnail on Netflix and got a tattoo