“World Debut” Documentary
Animated scenes compilation below

The gist: "World Debut" is a feature length documentary about how surfing, skateboarding and climbing got into the Olympics.

Many key moments did not have archival footage so we leaned heavily into an animation style that became a strong tone for the entire film.
Client: Olympic Channel, Youtube Originals
Agency: WZRD Media, Boardwalk Pictures, Madica Productions
My role: Directing and designing the animated sequences + art direction and visual language for the documentary (title sequence, GFX, infographics, etc.)
GFX Design: Elena Chudoba, Yuval Haker
Animation by Hao Li, Arthur Guttilla, Yuval Haker
Compositing: Alon Sivan

Film Credits
Directed by: Cole Sax & Galen Knowles Supervising Producer: Phil Hessler
Story Producer: Douglas Kerr
Thank you to WZRD Media for bringing me on board!
Transitions from footage to animation
Animation over footage:

GFX Package

The film also needed a ton of GFX (infographics, animated timelines, data visuals, newspaper highlights, titles, interview cards, locator cards, lower thirds). My good buddy Elena Chudoba stepped in to design most of the graphics you see in the video above, working in an illustrative style that fits the grunge-y subject matter of the film.